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We categorically reject the contemporary Culture Industry's standards/readymade definitions of art and any artworks made according to them

  1. We fundamentally oppose the use of political, social or sexual themes in art.

  2. We sharply reject the demand for a 'democratisation' of and 'political correctness' in art. 

  3. We radically denounce and fundamentally oppose art that is focussed on / has been absorbed by entertainment, spectacle, and celebrity culture.​ 

  4. We categorically reject works that equate art with everyday life, sociopolitical activism or commerce/luxury goods.​​​

  5. We categorically denounce works that illustrate daily news events.

  6. We categorically reject biennials, triennials and art fairs. 

  7. ​We reject the Culture Industry's narrative of the so-called art world boom and contemporary art world stars.​

  8. We oppose and seek to expose the media's compliance with the Culture Industry's standards and their control over the public art discourse. The media's excessive focus on sensationalist content and shallow entertainment and perpetual coverage of the same artists over and over again is a driving force in the distortion and degradation of art and culture and effectively acts as censorship. We aim to expose some of the most prolific art journalists for their compliance with the industry and excessively lazy and superficial coverage. We seek to hold newspapers to account for their role in today's crisis in art and culture.

  9. We regard the decades since the late 1950s as a dead time for art during which hardly anything of lasting value has been produced. We take control of this intellectual vacuum / of the narrative of art since the 1960s.​​​​​​​​​​

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